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Great Facilities and Entertainments Offered by Cove Manila

Great Facilities and Entertainments Offered by Cove Manila – Hype of bars and nightclubs are great in Manila. There are many bars that can be found easily currently. Even, there is new nightclub with complete facilities that has become great destination to go in Manila. It is Cove Manila. Currently, this has become more than just a bar or nightclub. It is like integrated entertainment center where all things can be found inside. Even, Cove Manila is now one of the biggest entertainment centers in Southeast Asia. The location of Cove Manila is inside the Okada Manila. This is integrated resort with biggest scale in the Philippines. The area covers 44 hectares and it makes the resort biggest entertainment city to find around Manila. The Cove Manila also offers great view of fascinating Marina Bay Horizon together with its luxurious facilities and complete amenities to have fun during the day and night nonstop. Cove Manila is built with such huge dome. As for the area of Cove Manila, it is similar to the total size of 18 basketball courts. As for the dome, its height is also great and it is almost similar to the Eiffel Tower. With this size, it can provide space up to 4500 guests. To make it more convenient, the dome is equipped with UV-A and UV-B protection. With this, sunburn will never happen even when the guests are swimming in the daylight.

The Cove Manila has many areas with different functions. You are not going to find single spot in the large spaces. The areas are divided into some categories. One of them is the area of Cabanas. There are 29 cabanas and these are divided into three floors. The cabanas provide exclusive space or room to hold private parties. The space is nice and it is surely comfortable. The cabanas have different sizes. The smallest one can be enough for 15 people and the largest one can even cover up to 60 people inside it. All cabana rooms are designed in Miami style. There are comfortable vibes to find in each cabana with complete luxurious facilities. Each of them has integrated toilet and it is in Japanese style. As for the media system, all rooms have LCD screen. Some special cabanas have extra facilities, such as the hot tubs. Then, the other cabanas provide balcony to see the situation inside the Cove Manila. As for the biggest one, there are two cabanas with space of 40 square meters that will be enough for many people enjoying private party. The cabanas are also special with dining room, karaoke machine, and even private bar.

Great Facilities and Entertainments Offered by Cove Manila

For those who want to enjoy the vibe of the Cove Manila and they do not want to spend time inside the cabana, they can enjoy the atmosphere of Cove Manila by enjoying the cocktails and other drinks offered by the bar. There are five bars in total that can be found all around Cove Manila. Two bars are in the area of nightclub. The other two bars are located in the arena, and the last bar is a swim-up bar so you will find it around the pool. With these bars in different locations, it will not be hard to get what you want to drink as you explore and enjoy your moment in Cove Manila. Related to the pool, you are going to find vast pool. Its size is up to 78 square meters in diameter. This will be enough for many people to swim together. Then, you do not need to worry about your safety because it only has 1 meter depth. Thus, it is only to have fun as you are enjoying the music and vibes offered by Cove Manila.

The main spot to enjoy in Cove Manila is the nightclub. This is great nightclub with great technology to support the entertainment. All of your senses will enjoy the feasts with all of the advanced sound systems and lighting technologies. Even so, you do not need to worry about fatigue and uncomfortable feeling because of the lighting movement and its sound. Those have been arranged professionally so you will only get entertained without being disturbed by the atmosphere created by the effects of the technologies. Even, its great technologies are one of the best in the world and Tony Andrews supervised all installation personally to make sure that all details are arranged perfectly. Although you are quite far from the main stage of the nightclub, you do not need to worry. You can get good view from large screen. Its screen has height up to 18 meters and 30 meters width. This is one of the largest screens that you can find in nightclubs in the world. Of course, great DJs are always ready to give you great beats that will make you feel the hypes. Nightclub starts to open at 10.30 PM and you can book the table to get nice spot. In addition to DJs, there are dancers to make the night hotter than anything.

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